Organising Services For Seniors

Feeling Overwhelmed? We Are Here For You!

Whether it’s time to downsize, reorganise or relocate to another home, Square-1 help seniors make lifestyle changes happen with ease and care.


We focus on comfort, convenience and function, organising one room or an entire home. We help to carry out changes in homes to help seniors remain independent, allowing them to enjoy their homes and their pets with more ease.

  • We work with seniors on helping make emotional decisions about which belongings to keep, what to discard, which items to distribute to loved ones, and which to donate.
  • Help with displaying and storing keepsakes.
  • Organise personal effects to ensure they are easily accessible and manageable.
  • Co-ordinate handyman services for home repairs, modifications and the installation of safety/mobility equipment.
  • Source necessary services for individual requirements such as Travel, Health or legal services.
  • Design a practical and attractive home layout to assist with limited mobility.


We tailor all our services to meet your needs.


Downsize and Relocation Service

With our very busy lives and long distances between our families, it is not always possible for family members to assist aging parents in their transition from their larger home to a ‘right sized’ home. Whether moving to a new home, retirement village or into an aged care facility, this is where Square-1 can offer a helping hand by providing a unique service to our unique clients. Our wide range of services can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


Square-1 are able to:

  • Help select and supervise removalist.
  • Organise disconnection of power, phone ect and reconnection at new property if applicable.
  • Work with the client to determine what furniture and possessions are important to move with them to the new residence.
  • Assist with the disposal of items: sending to family and friends, selling, donating to a charity or simply throwing away.
  • Provide space planning and design assistance to create an attractive and safe layout in your new residence.
  • Assist with sorting memorabilia, photographs, clothes and collectibles.
  • Organise cleaning and garden services if required.
  • Assist in the preparation of your home for sale, rental or bond retrieval.


A Professional and Compassionate Service for Helping Seniors.


A payment plan can be suited to your budget and seniors discounts are available.


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