It is difficult to lose someone that you love, and even more difficult to have to go through all of their belongings and clear things out.


The loss of a loved one is an emotional time and the tasks involved in settling an estate can be overwhelming. Square-1 will lessen the burden and grief associated with liquidating an estate by co-ordinating and overseeing every aspect of the closure. We will relieve individuals, families, trustees and/or executors of all physical and emotional work involved in a deceased estate.


What we can do for you:

  • At time of grief, sorting personal documents could be just too hard; we can locate and sort them for you.
  • Provide a complete digital inventory of household items.
  • Source and purchase removal boxes on your behalf.
  • Pack all items for delivery to various destinations.
  • Organise cleaning, gardening services and repairs (if required).
  • Arrange garage sale and take items to charity.
  • Organise a skip or rubbish to be removed.
  • Organise storage.
  • Prepare the home for sale, rental or bond retrieval.
  • Arrange quotes and co-ordinate other services such as removal companies and real estate agents.


Square-1 will organise the urgent domestic tasks following the death of a loved one.   After the passing of a loved one it might be difficult for grieving relatives to cope with entering the deceased persons home.  Square-1 can visit the house to clear out perishable foodstuffs and do other tasks that need immediate attention such as watering plants, feeding or removing a pet, stripping a bed, washing dishes, dealing with laundry and general cleaning and tidying.


Our service may benefit:

  • Elderly relatives who are unable to do physical work.
  • Family members who may have other commitments or may not be in a position to orgase the loved ones home due to distance.
  • Solicitors who have been nominated as executors of the deceased estate.

We are experienced in working with family members who cannot be at the home due to distance or time constraints.  We can remotely sort the home by emailing or texting you detailed photos for your convenient decison making.


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