About Us

Professional Organising

Balancing a business, and a busy family life, have taught me the enormous value of staying organised.  This paid off when myself and my husband decided to open our home and hearts to foster children.  Our family of five extended to a very busy family of twelve.   Having such a large family took  a lot of determination and creative thinking to achieve a balanced and peaceful environment for the children in our home.  “Family Management” is a passion learnt from many a night working on new and simpler ways to create an organised and calm home.


I have gathered many organising skills over the years from working in the Travel industry, managing 3 agencies , airport supervisor, owner/manager of a retail business as well as organising charity events while working in the UK. With these skills I decided to share my knowledge by creating Square 1 Home Staging, Unpacking and Organising Services.


Unpack and Organise


We know how it feels to be completly overwhelmed by the daunting task of unpacking. The stress of moving, starting a new job and settling children into a new routine. Having moved with my family many times over the years the thought of walking into my new home completley unpacked or even just the essentails was a wonderful dream. With this in mind I introduced the Unpacking service to my business.  Our staff of ladies are professional at unpacking and organising, this ensures all your items are sorted quickly and efficiently ready for you and your family to move in.



Property Styling and Staging


During the past 10 years I studied for a Diploma in Interior Design and Home Staging. This was a great asset when it came to buying, renovating and styling our own properties which sold quickly and successfully over this period. Encouraged by the sale of our own homes I then started the Property Staging Service business to help home owners sell their homes at the best possible price.  With my organising skills, eye for detail and my passion for design this then created a perfect combination to prepare, style and decorate a home for sale.    


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With the birth of our  3rd baby, my home hairdressing  business  and my husband retuning back to his fly in fly out job our home was pretty hectic.   I was starting to stress with the amount of juggling I was doing to try and  balance my work and family life.   When I first saw Cherelle’s add in our local paper I was not too sure how she could help me so I decided to take advantage of her free consultation and rang her and we made a time meet at my home.  Cherelle was fantastic, and so understanding with my constant jumping up and down answering the phone and feeding a crying baby.  She has the patients of a saint!!  She did a complete assessment of our situation and now 2 months later with the strategies and work schedules designed by Cherelle in place, my business and personal life are organised and running smoothly. Thanks heaps Cherelle, and  I look forward to working with you again next month and saying goodbye to my disorganised kitchen!

Emilia, Buderim


Thank you Cherelle for your professional and compassionate service you provided for us when my father passed away recently. With my wife and I overseas and unable to return home for a week after my father passed away, it was a relief to know we could rely on you and your company to organise my fathers home for our return. It was lovely to find our fathers home and belongings sorted out with such a high standard of dignity and respect. I would also like to thank our good friends Sam and Beth for recommending Cherelle.

Keith, Noosa


I would like to thank you Cherelle for jumping in and looking after our home at such short notice of only 1 day.  Our unplanned trip to Melbourne after the early birth of our 1st Grandchild meant I did not have time to book our cat into the Kennel and all the other necessities when you go away.  As I had to drop everything I didn’t have time to organise our cat litter or food.  Cherelle organised our cats litter tray, fed him twice a day, watered all our indoor plants and the plants on our deck.  Thanks heaps for working out our bin day and putting our bins out and also for collecting our mail.  We loved the little welcome home package of chockies in the fridge and of course the new bottle of milk so we could have a cuppa when we got home. 

Sarah and James, Maroochydore.